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Notice of Annual Shareholders Meeting - Facilities Corp:

Date: TBD

7:30 PM

Clubhouse Recreation Room - 1 Country Club Lane, Pomona, NY 10970


Notice of Annual Shareholders Meeting - Facilities Corp:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7:30 PM

Clubhouse Recreation Room - 1 Country Club Lane, Pomona, NY 10970


To ensure that our Clubhouse facilities are enjoyed by unit owners or their designated tenants, a photo ID card System has been established.  Commencing May 29th 2010, you will need to present your official Clubhouse ID card in order to use the facilities including the clubhouse and pools.  To obtain your ID card, simply come to the clubhouse to register and have your picture taken.  If there is not a line, the whole process should not take more than a few minutes.

See Registration Guidelines (below):

* You must bring a recent utility bill and photo ID with your name and address

* If you are an owner who does not currently live your unit and want pool and clubhouse privileges, please bring a recent common charges or tax bill in your name.

* Anyone ages 14-17 years old must also have their own ID and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* Children under 14 years old do not need an ID card but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when entering the pool area at all times

* The Facilities Board (or other authorized personnel) reserves the right to remove anyone from the pool and/or pool area as well as suspend pool/clubhouse privileges for conduct in violation of the pool rules or that is otherwise deemed inappropriate in the sole discretion of the Board. 

Registration for the new ID cards will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the office in the clubhouse.  Additional dates and times may be added as needed.

Please note: The cost for a replacement ID card will be $10.00 each.

Please note: You will be denied entrance to the pool and clubhouse if you do not have your new ID card beginning May 29th 2010, the start of the outdoor pool season.  The Board has empowered the lifeguards and office staff to operate the pool and clubhouse area during their shifts.  In doing so, the lifeguards and office staff  are required to enforce the rules and regulations and therefore they must be obeyed at all times for the safety and well being of those using the pool and clubhouse. Remember, they are here for safety of the community, including yours and your guests.

Any questions or concerns regarding these rules may be directed to the Board by calling the clubhouse at 845-354-1611, and leaving a message with a member of the office staff or on the voicemail system.