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o At least 75% of group members must be reside in and/or own a unit within the Town and Country/Cedar Ridge Condominium Complex.

o You must be at least 18 years old to start or lead a club.

o Clubs are strictly voluntary and no club leaders or members are to receive financial gain for their role.

o Each club participant (including but not limited to it's founder, facilitator, members and guests) will be jointly and severally responsible for all damages to which he or she has contributed to.

o All club members (residents and non-residents alike) must adhere to all applicable rules and regulations including those of Town 'n Country Community Facilities Corp. and the clubhouse.

o Each club member must sign a form consenting to the rules, regulations and terms and conditions.

o At the end of each meeting, Club Leaders are required to hand into the Facilities Office an attendance sheet.