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The Crafter’s Club

Whatever your preferred form of creative expression (crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, sewing…etc.), the Crafter’s Club provides a retreat to indulge your latest projects, start new projects, and bond with other creative, inspirational, and talented neighbors. Although no formal instruction will be offered, sharing of ideas and experiences will always be encouraged.

For More Information Contact:

Club Leader: Cathy Schuetz

Meeting Location: Town& Country Clubhouse

The Writer’s Club

The Writers Club will focus on how to support your words with craft elements. Each meeting will be devoted to a specific craft element such as character, plot, point of view, description, dialogue, setting, pacing, voice, and theme.

Whether you seek to write short stories, essays, novels or articles, theclub members (as a team) will help each other to identify and master the fundamental building blocks of exquisite story telling.

Additionally, The Writers Club will embrace the ART of writing. Time will be set aside for brainstorming ideas as well as composing.

For More Information Contact:

Club Leader: Carie Stabile

Meeting Location: Town& Country Clubhouse

The Movement / Exercise Club

If you are looking to get off the couch (at least once a week) and move around, contact the Movement / Exercise Club. From walking to chair yoga to dancing, the goal of this club is to get up and move (low impact) with a fantastic group of people.

For More Information Contact:

Club Leader: Diane Thomesen

Meeting Location: Town & Country Clubhouse

The Facilities Board wishes to encourage community members (that own or reside in our community (specifically: Town and Country I, Town and Country II, Cedar Ridge I or Cedar Ridge II Condominiums) to create fun and engaging clubs.

For more information on starting a club please visit

or contact the Club Coordinator at Carie.Stabile@gmail.com